Peking Collection


I aim to create a digital platform showcasing a nostalgic, David Hockney-style collage map of Beijing, highlighting historical areas and capturing the city's essence amidst rapid change, inspiring others to preserve memories for future generations.

Folding Beijing


Unveiling a unique project to immortalize Beijing through film, this endeavor blends tradition and modernity, history and the future. Using innovative techniques, it weaves a compelling narrative with cartoons, short films, and AI-enhanced archival materials. Aimed at a diverse audience, it presents a visually captivating portrayal of the city's evolution from ancient to modern times. The ultimate goal is to kindle global interest in Beijing's rich history and vibrant culture, serving as a lasting tribute to the city and its people.

Trailer Beijing


Venturing into my upcoming Modeling Project, I'm intertwining AI and 3D design to reconceptualize Beijing through the keywords "Cyberpunk", "Rebuild", and "Resort". My AI will generate provocative cyberpunk imagery, which I'll then morph into a 3D model, resembling a futuristic resort. This project aims to provide an immersive experience of Beijing, merging its rich history with an envisioned future, presenting a novel way to appreciate the city.

Cyberpuck Beijing