The rapidly changing landscape of Beijing is a topic that evokes bittersweet emotions among the city's residents. While the development and progress are exciting, it is also disheartening to witness the disappearance of familiar and beloved places. To capture the essence of the city before it is entirely transformed, an artist plans to create a digital platform that will showcase a graphical representation of Beijing.

The artist intends to create a map of the city that highlights its significant historical areas, paying tribute to the places that have shaped the lives of so many Beijing residents. The digital platform will be a combination of PS and Procreate, with the final product to be printed out. The artist's approach is to create a collage of pictures taken at different times and places that showcase the changes that have occurred over time while celebrating the places that have remained the same.

The artist envisions a David Hockney-style collage, with multiple images stitched together to form a bigger picture. The result will give viewers a sense of the different eras that have shaped Beijing. The project's central story is one of nostalgia and longing, a desire to preserve memories of a city that is changing at a rapid pace. The map will be a tribute to the Beijing of the artist's childhood, but also a celebration of the city that it has become.

The artist hopes that the project will inspire others to preserve their memories of the city, even as it continues to transform. The digital platform will serve as a digital time capsule, capturing the essence of the city and reminding future generations of the Beijing that once was. Overall, the project is a beautiful and poignant representation of the nostalgia and longing felt by those who call Beijing home.