Welcome to Cyberpunk Beijing


My goal is to make a moving film that will forever capture and share the spirit of Beijing and its people. Using cutting-edge presenting techniques, I want to introduce the interesting history and culture of Beijing to an international audience.

Beijing is changing rapidly, therefore it's important to document the city as it is now, before it's gone forever. My intention is to provide a likeness of the city that will both honor the city and its people in perpetuity.

As part of my idea, I want to merge cartoons and short films in order to provide an exciting setting that will appeal to a diverse spectrum of viewers. Anyone who is interested in art, culture, or history will enjoy seeing the movie since it will highlight the splendor and significance of Beijing's cultural inheritance.

Both ancient Beijing and the futuristic megalopolis it has become will be honored in my artwork. To do this, I want to use an innovative approach, fusing together historical advertising materials with AI-powered enhancements to create an abstract but visually beautiful representation of the city.

In conclusion, I want to paint an intimate portrait of Beijing and its inhabitants that viewers would want to revisit again and time again. As a result of our endeavor, I hope that more people from all over the world will take an interest in Beijing's rich history and vibrant culture.


The final goal is to make a visually spectacular and fascinating film about Beijing that communicates the city's historical and cultural importance as well as its modern relevance to an international audience. The movie takes a novel approach to its goal by combining animation, short films, archived advertisements, and visual effects that have been improved using artificial intelligence.

Sincerely hoping that the unique customs of Beijing's residents will be passed down to succeeding generations, this film was made. Our goal was to create something that would engage readers both intellectually and emotionally.

Oakland's recent improvements are great, but we want people to appreciate its rich cultural history. We want city dwellers to know how important cities are. We want to interest people in the city's history and present. Young art and culture enthusiasts and experienced professionals will attend.

 All demographics will delight in the presentation of these fresh approaches to artistic expression and scientific inquiry.

If you're a filmmaker, your ultimate goal should be to create a film that audiences will want to see more than once. By taking these steps, we expect Beijing's cultural history to gain greater international acclaim.



The audience for this film that captures the spirit of Beijing and its people is diverse, spanning multiple demographics and interests. Because it demonstrates the depth of Beijing's cultural heritage as well as its continued significance in today's world, the movie is essential viewing for anybody who has a passion for art, culture, or history.

The film's intended viewers are especially those from other countries who are not aware with the lengthy history and diverse culture of Beijing. 

Using innovative presentation methods and combining cartoons and short videos creates a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere that may reach a wide audience.

Those with a personal connection to Beijing, such as present and previous inhabitants who have seen the city's fast evolution, will also enjoy the video. They will be moved by the film's dedication to immortalizing Beijing as it was in the past and as it is now for the sake of its people.

Younger viewers will appreciate the film's modern and creative slant brought by the novel method of combining vintage advertising materials with AI-powered upgrades to create an abstract portrayal of the metropolis. Those thinking about the future of technology and the arts will like this video as well.

Finally, this film's viewership spans several generations and interests, making it a perfect reflection of Beijing and its people.

The film's innovative approach and captivating visuals will attract an international audience while serving as a lasting tribute to Beijing and its cultural heritage.


Branding and Design Scheme:

The branding and design scheme for this film project will reflect the fusion of ancient and modern Beijing, the innovative approach to storytelling, and the captivating visuals. The color scheme will be a blend of vibrant colors and muted tones that reflect the city's rich history and modern energy. The logo will be a blend of traditional and modern elements, using a stylized Chinese character with a contemporary font. The imagery used in the branding will be a blend of historical photographs, modern cityscapes, and abstract art, reflecting the film's focus on the past, present, and future of Beijing.

The audio and video components of the project will be an essential part of the branding and design scheme. The film's visuals will use innovative techniques that merge cartoons, short films, and AI-enhanced archival materials to create a visually stunning representation of Beijing. The film's title sequence will be an abstract portrayal of the city, using a combination of motion graphics and sound design to create a memorable and immersive experience for viewers.

Overall, the branding and design scheme for this film project will reflect the film's fusion of ancient and modern, its innovative approach to storytelling, and its captivating visuals. The goal is to create a unique and memorable brand that will appeal to a diverse audience while serving as a lasting tribute to Beijing and its cultural heritage.